Projects (Principal Investigator):

  • “Investigation of structural and functional changes that caused by flavonoids on model membranes by biophysical methods at molecular level”, Ege University Funded Project, ****, 1.480 €, October 2017-, PI.
  • “Spectroscopic, structural and thermal investigations on Antarctic Howardite meteorites”, NASA agreement with Coimbra University, Portugal, (PI: Rui Fausto), Loan agreement (no budget), 2017-, Co-investigator.
  • “Investigation of thermal properties of Sarıçiçek meteorite by calorimetric techniques” Ege University Funded Project, 2017-FEN-050, Principal Investigator, 1.820 €, 26 June 2017 – 26 June 2019, PI.
  • “Sarıçiçek (Bingöl) Howardite Meteorites collection for exhibition at Geology Museum of Istanbul University”, Istanbul University Funded Project, 58261, 30k€ budget, 2015-2016, PI.
  • “Turkey Meteor Surveillance Systems and setup of a impact crater and meteorites database” National Science Foundation (TUBİTAK) project, 100k€ budget, 2014-2017, PI.
  • “Turkey Meteor Impact Craters and analyses of the found meteorites”, Istanbul University Funded Project, UAİP-40339, PI, 2014-2015, 10k€ budget, PI.
  • “Structural identification of the Çanakkale meteorite by vibrational spectroscopy”, Istanbul University Funded Project, UDP/17027, 2011, PI.
  • “ULUGHBEG (Upper&Lower Earth Orbit and Stratospheric Utilities by Groundbased Observations with Helium Balloon Experiments by LaunchinG Systems)”,, PI, independently funded, 2013-still, PI.
  • “National Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Database and Developing a national software”, Istanbul University Funded Project, ÖNAP-45582, 2014-still, 30k€ budget, Researcher.
  • FT-IR and FT-Raman Spectral and quantum chemical studies on some Flavonoids and Anthocyanidins”, Istanbul University Funded Project, BYP/4540, 2009-2011,
  • Investigation of vibrational spectra of 2-, 3- and 4-Asetylpiridine and related molecules by theoretical and experimental methods”, D. Thesis project: Istanbul University Funded Project, 2003, PI.
  • Computation of vibrational frequencies and modes of pyrazinamide molecule”, Sc. Thesis project: Istanbul University Funded Project, 2000, PI.